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The Rise of Disposable E-Cigarettes: Buying Dinner Lady Disposable E-Cigs Wholesale

The Rise of Disposable E-Cigarettes: Buying Dinner Lady Disposable E-Cigs Wholesale
With over 60% of smokers wanting to quit, disposable e-cigarettes are becoming an increasingly popular device to help kick the habit. A relatively new invention, the disposable e-cigarette has many benefits and advantages over the traditional vaping device that many new vapers prefer. So why exactly do consumers love disposable devices?

Convenience and Ease of Use – no charging or refilling, just vape and go

With built-in batteries and pre-filled e-liquid reservoirs, Dinner Lady’s disposable e-cigarettes are ready to vape straight from the packaging. No charging batteries, changing coils or refilling e-liquids is required, simply inhale and go. Designed to run out of charge as the e-liquid reservoir is depleted, vapers need not worry about being caught out and about without sufficient battery.

Accessible and Discreet – ideal for new vapers and experienced vapers alike

Lightweight and pocket-friendly, the Dinner Lady disposable e-cig provides minimal vapour with impressive flavour for a discreet vaping experience. Pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquids, vape pens provide a great mouth to lung (MTL) vaping experience that most closely replicates the sensation of smoking without the inconvenience and hassle of carrying a large mod device.

Competitive Pricing and No Commitment – no huge upfront cost or vaping knowledge required

Cheaper than cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes typically have a similar lifespan to a packet of cigarettes for a fraction of the cost.

Though in the long-term disposable vape pens could be a more expensive option to traditional vape devices and e-liquids, the low price point ensures that disposable pens are priced just right to appeal to new vapers who are apprehensive about investing into a more expensive vaping device.

The ease of use and convenience of the Dinner Lady disposable e-cig also provides a fuss-free entry into the vaping world. As disposable e-cigarettes require little to no knowledge about e-liquids, coils, batteries or even compatible devices, vapers can start vaping without spending precious time learning.

Habit – replicate hand to mouth motion and nicotine hit

Not much bigger than a pen, Dinner Lady’s disposable cigarette can be vaped in a similar way to smoking to replicate the hand to mouth habit-action that many smokers find hard to break. Disposable e-cigarettes are also pre-filled with 20mg salt nicotine to satiate the nicotine craving that ex-smokers experience.

Whilst the combined convenience and accessibility of disposable cigarettes secures their popularity with beginner and experienced vapers alike, Dinner Lady’s disposable e-cigarette is also a firm favourite among vape shops and retailers.

Ready to go straight from the box – no training required

A simple product with exceptional qualities surely speaks for itself. Dinner Lady’s disposable e-cigarette requires no upselling or cross-selling and yet almost guarantees repeat purchases from smokers looking to kick the habit.

Easy to display – counter-top units, no shelf space required

All Dinner Lady disposables are provided with counter-top display units to maximise its potential. No need to make shelving space, simply place on top of your counter and let it do the talking.

Exceptional flavours – plenty to choose from

Despite its simplicity, with 6 flavours to choose from including Desserts, Fruits, Ice, Menthol and Tobacco classics, there is no chance of this device being overlooked. Including the award-winning Lemon Tart flavour, Dinner Lady’s disposable e-cigarette is the perfect device for all vapers no matter what their flavour preference.

What’s more, when you buy directly from Dinner Lady, we provide exceptional customer service, product samples, marketing and promotional support, exclusive pricing, new product launch information and access to an excellent B2B ordering portal. Want to know more? Read our last blog post for more information on the benefits of ordering direct from Dinner Lady.

As more and more smokers switch to vaping, stocking a simple and convenient replacement is key. Popular among customers and retailers, The Dinner Lady e-cigarette is a must-have for vape stores everywhere. Get in touch today to find out how we can work together to fuel your business to great success.