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CBD EXPLAINED – All you need to know about CBD e-liquids, oils, oral drops and edibles

CBD EXPLAINED – All you need to know about CBD e-liquids, oils, oral drops and edibles
Since becoming legally available in recent years, CBD has grown rapidly in popularity and has become present in a range of products including vaping devices, food and edibles, holistic remedies, beauty products and more.

We understand that whilst a large selection of CBD-based products can be a great thing, sometimes the number of products can seem daunting and overwhelming to first-time users of CBD. If you’re new to CBD and have unanswered questions, or if you’re an experienced user looking for the latest CBD product, we’re here to tell you all you need to know about CBD and the products available to you, from our very own Dinner Lady e-liquid and oral drops to disposable vape pens and edibles.


Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally occurring substance found in hemp plants. In this form, CBD has an undetectable amount of THC. The absence of THC means it does not cause psychoactive effects such as making the user feel “high” or addicted and so makes it legal to consume within the UK.

While suppliers are not permitted to report or name any effects of using CBD, many users believe CBD helps to relieve anxiety, pain and inflammation in the body and so has become a popular alternative for those seeking natural or alternative remedies.

Find out more about the history of CBD here.
Vape Dinner Lady CBD E-liquids

Due to the rising popularity of CBD, many vapers now use CBD e-liquids alongside their Dinner Lady favourites. CBD that is vaped can take effect within minutes due to the speed at which it becomes bioavailable in the body, making it known as the quickest, and arguably the most effective, method of delivering CBD.

Available in a range of flavours, including our signature Lemon Tart - five times best dessert winner at Ecigclick awards (2016-2020), as voted by vapers around the world, it’s super easy to find your favourite flavour from our collection of Dinner Lady CBD e-liquids.

Vape Dinner Lady CBD Oral Drops

Our Dinner Lady Hemp CBD tinctures have been carefully formulated to meet the needs of consumers who require a convenient way to ingest CBD. While broad-spectrum hemp distillate can sometimes have an earthy taste, Dinner Lady’s CBD tinctures are combined with our classic flavourings for a more pleasant taste.

To use Dinner Lady oral drops, simply administer this CBD tincture orally using the dropper within the lid bottle.


CBDfx Disposable Vape Pens Dinner Lady
CBD DISPOSABLE VAPE PEN - currently out of stock.

As a Dinner Lady connoisseur, you’ll be no stranger to vaping. Like our disposable e-cigarette, the CBD vape pen is pre-charged, pre-filled and ready to go straight out of the box. No maintenance, charging, or refilling required – just dispose of the pen when empty.

If you enjoy the portability and convenience of our disposable devices, look no further. CBD vape pens allow the user to experience the most quick and effective way of consuming CBD. Furthermore, by utilizing an efficient CO2 extraction method to pull the best quality compounds from organically grown hemp plants, CBDfx have created a disposable pen that is free from chemicals and pesticides, allowing you to experience a clean and effective CBD.

CBDfx Edible Gummies 
EDIBLE CBD GUMMIES - currently out of stock.

A classic sweet with a modern twist: CBD. At this moment in time, CBD edibles are the most popular CBD products on the market, and we can see why! Offering a comforting sense of nostalgia, these gummies are premade and pre-dosed, providing an easy and fuss-free way of experiencing CBD.

Though ingesting CBD takes longer to become bioavailable than vaping, and so the effects of ingesting CBD occur more gradually, ingesting CBD in the form of edible foods such as gummies is simple, easy and is said to have a longer lasting effect than any other method.



How much CBD should I vape?
Each disposable e-pen contains 30mg of CBD. Start with one of two puffs and increase intake as necessary.

What are the benefits of CBD vape?
CBD vape pens are pre-filled, pre-charged and ready to vape straight out of the box. The ease of use ensures an accessible and maintenance-free method of experiencing CBD for both new and experienced users.

What are the effects of CBD vape?
As the effects of CBD vary from person to person, it is near impossible to make any claims about the effects of CBD vape pens.

What is the best CBD vape in the UK?
Here at VDL, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. All Dinner Lady CBD e-liquids are backed by strict quality control measures to ensure purity and dosage accuracy, including batch testing and certification by independent partner laboratories. We also have a dedicated research and compliance team to ensure that all e-liquids are compliant with regional and national regulations.

Our range of CBDfx vape pens have also been created with a meticulous attention to detail to ensure each pen is pre-filled with only the best quality CBD that is extracted from organically grown, pesticide and chemical-free hemp.

What are CBD gummies and CBD edibles?
Exactly what it says on the tin – gummy bears are edible sweets containing CBD. CBD edibles, including gummies, are currently most popular CBD products on the market for providing an easy, convenient way of experiencing CBD.

Why Gummies?
CBD gummy bears have become a popular way of experiencing CBD due to ease of digestion and the idea that they have longer lasting effects than CBD vape.

Do CBD gummies, edibles, vape pens or e-liquids get you high?
No. CBD edibles, tinctures disposable vape devices and e-liquids all contain undetectable traces of THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a user to experience any psychoactive effects, allowing users to experience gummy bears and other CBD devices and products worry-free.

How many gummies should I eat?
Each gummy has an individual serving of 5mg per bear. Start with two gummy bears and increase intake as necessary.

Are CBD gummy bears legal?
Yes. CBDfx gummies contain undetectable amounts of THC, thereby causing no psychoactive effects and making them 100% legal in the UK.

What are the benefits and effects of CBD gummies?
As the benefits and effects of CBD vary from person to person, it is near impossible to make any claims about CBD gummy bears.


Dinner Lady Disposable E-Cig Reviews


Don't just take our word from it - our CBD products have been highly reviewed by independent, reputable and experienced vape websites. Here is what they had to say about our CBD:

E-Cig Reviews

"One of the best ways of consuming CBD is by vaping, and this is where Dinner Lady CBD Vape Oil can prove beneficial.

Every batch of this brand’s CBD e-juice has been assessed rigorously to ensure that it has been produced to the highest quality standards for the best possible user experience.

Available in a range of exciting flavours, Dinner Lady’s CBD e-liquid is one of the top options on the market today."


"A really good selection of flavours for everyone’s palate.
Both fruits are the sharper side of sweet – in fact none of the flavours are over sweetened in any way shape or form.
If you’re a smoker or vaper that hasn’t got on with vaping CBD e-liquids then these oral drops are perfect.
Highly recommended."

E-Cig Brands

"Dinner Lady line-up of CBD e-liquids is delicious and perfect for vaping. The flavours are soft on the tongue but potent enough to leave a long-lasting impression. The Lemon Tart CBD vape juice is a personal favourite of mine. You should absolutely try that."