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Lost Vape UB Pro


3 Pack-Lost Vape UB Pro

The Lost Vape UB Pro coils support a much higher wattage than mod pods or even big sub ohm tanks. It allows you to vape the maximum wattage of 90W and you will experience the same flavour and tremendous cloud like other sun ohm tanks.

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Product Features

There are 2 versions of this coil. The UB Pro P1 0.15ohm Coil, UB Pro P3 0.3ohm Coil to suit each vaper's desired preference. Due to the low resistance, these coils are suitable for vaping in the sub-ohm range. 

Both coils have a mesh structure and are used for DLT(Direct to Lung) vape. The  coils work best with Dinner Lady 50:50 e-liquids and Nic Salts for a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that is most like conventional smoking. 

Compatible devices: Lost Vape Grus 100w Kit


Sub Ohm Coils
Mesh Design
Press Fit Installation

What's in the Box

3 x Lost Vape Ursa UB Pro Replacement Vape Coils