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  • Smoking Vapour Mi-Pod Kit


    Smoking Vapour Mi-Pod Kit



Mi-Pods by Smoking Vapour

Our collection of Mi-Pods from Smoking Vapour represents one of the best small format pod style e-cigarette devices on the market today. Mi-Pods are attractive and ultra-compact, available in a range of visually stunning metal and digital colours; they possess a visual style to suit all users and are both sophisticated and practical.

The Mi-Pod is a pod-based system that can be filled with e-liquid without the additional complexity of changing coils or unscrewing parts, it is very user friendly.

Smoking Vapour designed the Mi-Pod to have the smallest possible form factor without compromising on the power, quality or experience of the vape. The 950mAh battery is extremely large for a device of this size and ensues that the Mi-Pod will last for over a full day, the device is draw activated. If the user runs out of battery charge, the SV Mi-Pod features pass-through charging, enabling you to charge and vape at the same time.

Given the small size of the device, Smoking Vapour introduced a handy lanyard bundled with all devices so that the Mi-Pod can be worn around the neck – keeping it both safe and available at all times.