Cola Shades 30ml E-Liquid Concentrate


Cola Shades 30ml E-Liquid Concentrate

Inspired by the classic beverage, Cola Shades incorporates koolada for a refreshing lemon exhale.

Containing PG and food-grade flavourings, Dinner Lady Concentrates are ideal for experienced vapers looking to personalise their vaping experience.

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Product Features

Cola Shades  is part of Dinner Lady’s Ice range which takes popular flavours and carefully blends them with koolada, an active ingredient to create a cool and icy vape.

Whilst being a worldwide market leader in creating flavours that capture the imagination, Dinner Lady recognises that some vapers like to fine-tune their vapes. With this in mind, Dinner Lady created these rich and flavour-filled vape juices in highly concentrated formulations for vapers who like to make their own DIY combinations.

Unlike traditional e-liquid formulations, which are premixed to include Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food-grade flavourings and nicotine, Concentrates consist only of PG and food-grade flavourings. The absence of VG and nicotine allows vapers to mix their own combinations of flavourings, nicotine and CBD to create a fully customisable e-liquid to suit their needs and tastes.

Due to the complexity involved in creating a personalised E-Liquid, Dinner Lady Concentrates are made especially for experienced vapers who know their preferred vaping ratios. Dinner Lady recommends using Sun Tan Mango as an 18.75-30% mix ratio with VG. Users then have the option to add either a Nicotine or a CBD Boost shot to complete their customised vape juice.

Available in 30ml sizes, Dinner Lady Concentrates are made from 100% PG, a thin and odourless liquid that is a great medium to store flavours and provide a premium taste to your DIY E-Liquid. By creating an e-liquid that is entirely PG-based, Dinner Lady offers highly concentrated flavours to be mixed accordingly by the user with their preferred amount of VG (for cloud-like vapour) and nicotine or CBD.

Dinner Lady operates strict Quality Control Measures within cleanroom laboratories and state-of-the-art operational facilities right here in the UK. Like nicotine-containing Dinner Lady liquids, Concentrates are subject to chemical screening and auditing based on TPD guidelines.

Dinner Lady manufactures over a hundred different e-liquids, to provide vapers with a fantastic range of award-winning flavours. Dinner Lady Concentrates are currently available across six award-winning flavour ranges, including Desserts, Sweets, Fruits, Menthol, Tobacco and Ice.


For best results, Dinner Lady recommends using Cola Shades as an 18.75-30% mix ratio with VG. Users then have the option to add either a Nicotine or a CBD Boost shot to complete their customised vape juice.



30ml recyclable bottle
Suggested concentrate mix ratio: 18.75%
PG:VG ratio: 100% PG


Child-proof cap
Tamper evidence seal

What's in the Box

1 x Cola Shades 30ml E-Liquid Concentrate