The Best E-cig Devices

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Find an e-cig device that is suitable for whatever stage you’re at. This post covers:

  • Cig-a-likes
  • Pod Devices
  • Pen-Style Devices
  • Box Mods
  • Mechanical Mods
For the person just starting out on their vaping journey, the number of devices and tanks is overwhelming – then you throw in terms like VW, AIO, POD and it’s a minefield. Have no fear! We are here to give you some advice on the best types of device for you to start your vaping journey.


As it sounds, these devices look just like traditional cigarettes. They have a disposable tank attached which is replaced when empty. The benefits of these are the small size and resemblance to a cigarette. The downsides are normally the battery life (350mAh is common for this sized device), so a spare battery would be recommended for most users. The capacity of cig-a-likes is often very low, requiring regular refilling or cartridge changes.

Pod Device:

The pod device is fast becoming the standard in the starter device market. As its name suggests, the pod system is a small battery that uses either ready-filled or re-fillable tanks that look like pods.

The reason these devices have become so popular is they offer a very simple system that doesn’t require too much ‘fiddling’ to get it set up and running. The most popular pod devices are the Mi-pod, Suorin Drop and the Juul. Most of these pod systems use a vacuum switch, which activates the coil when you inhale. The benefits of this are it has a draw like a cigarette, so it’s a familiar sensation when you are using it. Its small size is also a great benefit as it is not too ostentatious and can be stored, leak free, in a pocket or bag.

Pod-styled devices are the reason that salt nicotine (salt nic) has taken off so well, as pods are perfect for that type of liquid. The higher nicotine strength, coupled with the smoothness, allows for an experience more akin to traditional smoking. It gives the ‘hit’ and nicotine strength needed to satisfy the cravings a smoker desires.

Battery life on the pod systems is normally enough for an average user to get a day’s usage, though most are easily charged using a traditional USB cable. The cost of replacement pods is normally quite inexpensive and the pods themselves have a normal working lifespan of anywhere from a week to two weeks, depending on use and the type of liquid used. With a start-up cost of around £45 (including liquid), they offer a great entry point into the world of vaping for those wanting to have the best chance of success.

Pen Style Device:

More of a traditional device type, the pen style has been around since the dawn of vaping. As the name suggests, these devices are tubular in shape. Most of these devices will consist of two parts, the battery tube and the tank. The battery tends to be of a higher capacity than the pod system due to being bigger in size.

To activate them, you would normally have a button located on the side of the battery tube that you would press and hold throughout the duration of the inhale. The benefits of this is you can press the button slightly before starting to take a draw, heating the coil before inhaling, allowing you to get a fuller inhale. By contrast, the pod system only starts to heat up as you take a draw, meaning the first few seconds of the inhale is spent heating up the coil to vaporization point.

The tanks on pen style devices often have a replaceable coil system that would have a similar lifespan to the pod system coils. However, they tend to produce a better amount of vapour, due to the pre-heat and larger air hole size. The draw can be adjusted, from a tighter more cigarette style inhale to a very loose draw, giving you more options to tailor your experience.

They do require a bit more in the way of maintenance. The contacts between the battery and the tank need cleaning regularly. They can also be more prone to accidental leaking than the pod systems – having a larger airflow can produce leaks in rare instances. These devices can be used with both nicotine salts and the regular 50:50 liquids, with a rare few also being able to take higher VG liquids as well. This gives the user a lot more choice in what they would like to use, starting with nic salts, then moving on to 50:50 until they have reached a level where they would want a more powerful device and tank, or lower nicotine strengths.

Box Mod:

The box mod is great for those who love to tinker and tailor their experience, or for those who want to move away from any resemblance to a cigarette. As the name suggests, the box mod is just that, a device that is shaped like a box. While some box mods are available as kits, with a tank included, it is common to purchase your mod and tank separately.

These devices come with either a built-in battery that cannot be serviced by the user, or a removeable battery that can be changed when past its useful lifespan. These devices allow for the use of a wide range of tanks, and various power options.

They commonly have circuitry that allows you to alter the amount of power going to the coil, making the vapour either plentiful and warm, or less dense and cool. As the power can influence how a liquid tastes, you can adjust for each liquid you use, finding what works best for you. With the benefit of choosing the tank as well, you can opt for a mouth-to-lung tank (similar to traditional smoking) or a direct-to-lung, sub-ohm tank, which produces massive clouds and has a coil resistance of below 1 ohm.

The downsides to the box mod as an entry-level device are that it requires more maintenance in order to run it at its optimal level. Depending on the tank used, the box mod can be used with all types of liquid. However, be careful that you don’t put a nic salt liquid into a sub ohm tank as the amount of nicotine absorbed would be too high, making for an unpleasant vape.

Mechanical Mods:

As the name suggests, there is no circuitry in these. It is a direct connection from the battery to the coil. These types of devices normally have a ‘dripper’ tank on top. A dripper is an exposed coil top piece that you directly drip liquid on to. This is a very advanced device and is not for beginners, as it requires knowledge of Ohms Law to use safely.

What do we recommend?

Each person is different, which is why we’ve tailor made our quit smoking plans for three different levels of smoker.

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