The Best E-Liquids For Smokers Trying To Quit

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The types of e-liquids out there are endless. How do you pick the right one to help you quit? In this post we run down:

  • Tobacco flavours
  • Fruit / Alternative
  • Salt Nicotine
For the smoker making their first foray into vaping, deciding on what type of e-liquid to use can be a daunting task. There are thousands of liquids in the market, available in a variety of flavours, strengths and ratios. It’s difficult to advise you on a specific liquid that will work for you. Instead, we are going to explore the types of e-liquids that smokers converting to vaping often use, and the benefits and potential negatives of each one.

Tobacco Liquid

The switch to vaping can be jarring to a smoker. The familiar taste of tobacco, for some, can make the transition a lot smoother. Tobacco liquids come in two types; synthetic and N.E.T (Naturally Extracted Tobacco). Synthetic liquids dominate most of the market, especially in the lower price ranges. While this is palatable for a lot of people, some will find the taste of these to be artificial. The higher-end liquid companies use natural tobacco extracts, which replicate a wide range of tobacco types extremely well. These would be ideal for a smoker who wants to start off with an authentic tobacco taste in their new electronic cigarette.

The tobacco flavours tend to be prevalent in the 50:50 and higher PG varieties, rather than the higher VG liquids. This is mainly due to the higher PG ratios adding the ’throat hit’ that smokers associate with their old habit.  The natural progression that most vapers make is to move away from tobacco and on to the myriad of other flavours. Nic salts would be a great pairing with tobacco flavours, as they could be used in a device at higher strengths while retaining flavour and reducing the ‘throat hit’. However, these would come at a slightly higher price point to regular freebase nicotine.

Tobacco-flavoured liquids are limited in their variety when compared to the huge array of other flavour types in the market.

Fruity or alternative flavours

Apple Pie, Lemon Tart, Sun Tan Mango… the possibilities are endless. Flavours other than tobacco dominate the market, and for good reason.

Available in all ratios and types, these are the go-to liquid for most vapers. However, as a starting point, some people can find it difficult to go from lighting up a cigarette to using a new piece of technology. Couple this with a strange, new taste and it is understandable that some may feel that they are not getting the same experience as they did when smoking cigarettes. It is important to remember, however, that regardless of the flavour profile you choose, the amount of nicotine will remain the same. As long as you can adjust to that idea, then you will be able to explore and enjoy a vast variety of flavours available in the modern market.

The only issue you will have now, is what flavour to try first. Our advice would be to find a vape shop where you can sample flavours, so that you can investigate the ones that work for you. Another good way of trying out new flavours, especially in the beginning, is to buy single 10ml liquids, normally in a 50:50 ratio. A lot of stores do multi-buy deals on these so it’s a good way to try a range of flavours without spending too much. Alternatively, just ask! The staff in most vape shops are users and enthusiasts themselves. They will have tried a lot of the liquids they carry and can offer you advice on what they like, or what you may like based on your preferences.

Salt Nicotine Products

Nicotine salts are a very good starting point for those in the early stages of switching, who want to give vaping the best chance of success. Nicotine is very alkaline, making it harsh at high strengths, which can be off-putting or uncomfortable for a new vaper.  By adding benzoic acid during the extraction from the tobacco leaf, the Ph of the resultant liquid is lowered, making it smooth on the throat even at the highest strength. It also absorbs into the bloodstream a lot faster, providing the nicotine rush that a first-time vaper needs. Perfect for starter devices, it makes a great pairing for those wanting to make the first move into vaping with a pod system or small pen-style device.

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