Where Can I Vape? A Vaping Etiquette Guide

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  • Vaping is not covered under the smoking bans
  • Do not vape anywhere where you can’t smoke cigarettes
  • Some businesses allow vaping their discretion

When the smoking ban came into effect, the vape industry boomed. Vaping was a way around the new restrictions – a way to get your fix without being sent outside in the cold English weather when you were out with your friends at the pub. It was a counter culture; an act of rebellion. Then, people realised that they were no longer smoking and that this new gimmick had actually stopped them from wanting to light up a cigarette.

As the e-cig industry started to take off, problems arose. Vapour was often mistaken for cigarette smoke and in turn, some smokers took the opportunity to light up indoors. Wetherspoons was among the first to ban vaping indoors, citing these reasons. This is where the idea of vaping etiquette began. 

Yes, vaping is not smoking
Yes, vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking
Yes, vaping is not covered under the smoking bans
But that does not give anyone license to act with bad manners!

Vaping produces an odour and vapour clouds. It may be pleasant to you, but it may not be as pleasant to others. I personally hate the smell of coconut, so if someone was vaping it nearby, I wouldn’t find it enjoyable.

For the most part, it is all about having good manners. Consideration of others is paramount when vaping.
I have compiled a list of my five do’s and don’ts when talking about vaping etiquette:

DON’T vape somewhere that you wouldn’t smoke a cigarette. My pet peeve is the supermarket.  You wouldn’t consider smoking while walking around Asda, so don’t vape there. Despite whether it is legal or not, it is inconsiderate to vape in a supermarket. The same applies to restaurants. We all used to love a cigarette after a meal, but we went outside; do the same when vaping.

DO ask permission to vape somewhere new. Don’t think, “it’s not illegal” is a reasonable excuse. A business can implement whatever rules they decide. If you act up or cause a scene, they can refuse service or ask you to leave. Respect the rules – if they say no vaping, go somewhere else to vape.

DON’T blow vapour in a person’s face. This seems like it should be a given, but it’s not uncommon to see people blowing clouds where crowds are gathered. Just because you love it, doesn’t mean everyone else does. Blow your vapour up into the air, or away from people who are not vaping. It would drive you mad if a smoker did it to you.

DO engage people in discussion. Imagine all the questions you asked people before you started. Now you are a vaper, people will want to ask you questions. Talk to them, especially if they are smoker themselves. Tell them your story – you might manage to convert them to vaping.

DON’T assume that everyone loves the flavour you are vaping. Back to the coconut example – I would find that smell off-putting. Be considerate and ask people if they dislike the smell. If they do, move away or blow your vapour in a different direction so as not to offend. Tastes differ, and the scent of your e-liquid can be like Marmite to other vapers.

Following these basic rules will ensure that people start to respect the healthier path you have decided to take. The more people that accept vaping, the better it will be for every vaper.

Unfortunately, bad experiences will take a lot longer to recover from. Don’t be the person that gets their local pub to change its views on vaping by trying to vape indoors. Don’t be the person that annoys a non-vaper so much that they will never view vaping positively. As long as you exercise good judgement and manners, you will be a successful representative of vapers everywhere.

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