How To Spot An Unregulated Disposable

Unregulated Disposable Vapes

We're turning the spotlight this time to a rather disconcerting subject: the trading of unregulated disposable vapes and the reasons you should pay large attention to avoid them.

Staggeringly, as flagged by both the BBC and Trading Standards, nearly one-third of all sales of disposable vapes are of illegal products.

Unregulated vape devices usually violate the permissible boundaries of liquid quantity, cater to a more extensive puff count, and carry enhanced flavours invigorated with illegal ingredients.

The sweet flavours and higher puff counts of e-cigarettes can entice users, but the harm these devices inflict on health is far from insignificant.

In the UK, vape products undergo stringent regulation to safeguard consumers from ingredients that could bring harm or potentially grievous side effects.

At Vape Dinner Lady, we take compliance and regulation extremely seriously and are passionate about educating our others on how to vape as safely as possible.

Key Considerations for Buying Disposable Vapes

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind when purchasing disposable vapes to help you steer clear of illegal and unregulated products:

Warning Label for Nicotine

Be wary of the warnings! An approved nicotine warning in the UK will occupy 30% of the space on both sides of the product packaging.

The warning should articulate: "This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance".

Nicotine Warning

If the warning falls short of this size, is glaringly missing from the packaging, or deviates in messaging, it is a sign of an illegal product.

Nicotine Strength Test

Keep an eye on the nicotine strength! In the UK, the tolerable strength limit of nicotine is 20mg per ml. If the nicotine strength exhibited exceeds this limit, you are looking at an unregulated device.

Legal E-liquid Quantity Check

A legal limit on liquid quantity in the UK prescribes up to 2ml for disposables. In puff numbers, this translates roughly to 600-800 puffs. A device offering a higher puff count is largely indicative of being unregulated.

Spotting Signs of Illegality

Ordinarily, all vape-related products, inclusive of disposables, should be openly displayed on the store shelf or gantry. Any product served surreptitiously from behind-the-counter or other concealed areas smacks of illegality and unregulated practices.


Choosing a legal vape is not just crucial for your health but also promotes the larger cause of vape harm reduction.

Following the steps we've provided above should enable you to easily detect illegal vapes.

To take your care a notch higher, it's worth contemplating a shift from disposable devices to refillable ones. Apart from saving you hundreds of pounds annually, this small change can contribute significantly towards lessening environmental harm.

Taking this leap can be made simpler with a few basic tips, which you can find in our guide on making the transition from disposables to refillable vape devices.

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