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Here you can read the read the latest company announcements from Vape Dinner Lady and find out more about our latest products.

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  • Fresh or Fruity? Our Menthol Flavour Guide

    Asking a menthol smoker or vaper if they’re fresh or fruity could end up being a dangerous way to start a conversation, to be honest, it’s not likely to end well, but there are two distinct flavour groups within the menthol family and they will have a strong influence on the flavours people select.
  • Your Journey to Menthol Vaping

    Adult menthol smokers are facing the Menthol Ban with varying degrees of scorn and bitterness... Read on to start your menthol vaping journey.
  • What Ban on Menthol Cigarettes?

    On May 20th the planned European ban on Menthol cigarettes comes into effect and for menthol cigarette smokers, life may never be the same again.
  • Egg Hunt Giveaway!

    To celebrate the launch of our eggs-celent new website we are hosting a bank holiday weekend giveaway! Each day of the bank holiday you can take part to win a product from a selected range for free.
  • Launching Our Cool and Hot New Flavours

    Take a look at our latest flavour additions which add to our menthol and fruits ranges. These premium quality e-liquids are designed and manufactured in the UK and follow months of testing to deliver the best flavours possible.
  • E-Liquids Explained

    If you don’t know your VG from your PG and your freebase from your salts, Dinner Lady is here to help. Check out our full guide to e-liquids, what they are and what it all means for your vape.

  • Black Friday Is Coming!

    So Black Friday is on its way. The UK high street, supermarkets and online retailers are preparing themselves for a tsunami of excitable customers looking to spend around £8 billion (not each!)