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  • Freemax Maxus 100W
    Freemax Maxus 100W - Black

    Box Mod Vape Kits

    Freemax Maxus 100W


  • Freemax Twister 2 Kit
    Freemax Twister 2 Kit- Silver


    Freemax Twister 2 Kit


  • 5 Pack-Freemax Ms Mesh coil
    Freemax Ms Mesh coil


    5 Pack-Freemax Ms Mesh coil


  • 5 Pack-Freemax 904L Coils
    Freemax 904L Coils


    5 Pack-Freemax 904L Coils


  • 5 Pack - Freemax GX Mesh Coil
    Freemax GX Mesh Coil


    5 Pack - Freemax GX Mesh Coil


  • Freemax Galex Pro Kit
    Freemax Galex Pro Blue


    Freemax Galex Pro Kit


  • 2 Pack - Freemax Galex Pro Empty Replacement Pods
    Freemax Galex Pro empty Replacement Pods


    2 Pack - Freemax Galex Pro Empty Replacement Pods


  • Freemax Galex Pro Nic Salts Bundle


    Freemax Galex Pro Nic Salts Bundle



About Freemax

One of the first vaping hardware brands, FreeMax created a first-generation sub ohm tank in 2013, so gaining international recognition for its innovative approach to vaping devices and have since forged a reputation as a reputable and technologically-advanced manufacturer of vaping devices.

Formed in 2013, FreeMax quickly took the vaping industry by storm. Releasing the FreeMax Starre, sub ohm vaping was introduced for the very first time. Not stopping there, FreeMax soon released an upgrade, the Starre Pure, the first ever sub ohm tank with a top airflow design. From then on out, FreeMax firmly established themselves as a driving force within the vaping industry.

In 2017, FreeMax launched their now world-leading Fireluke Mesh – the first sub ohm vape tank with mesh coils and a significantly larger surface area than traditional coils for longevity and better heat distribution for flavour production.

In 2019, the innovative and forward-thinking brand launched the Mesh Pro sub ohm tank, the world’s first sub ohm tank to utilise double, triple and quad mesh coils.

In addition to coils and tanks, FreeMax have launched some incredible hardware devices including the Gemm and Twister ranges, both of which earned glowing reviews from the vaping community for its understanding of customer needs that underpins its technological innovation. Available in a range of colours and wattage settings, the Gemm device has a built-in 2900mAh battery with an impressive output of up to 80 watts. Built within a small and pen-shaped device, the Gemm device is small but mighty and ideal for intermediate vapers who require a more powerful device without the disadvantage of a big and bulky device that is inconvenient to carry about. Utilising advanced chipsets for safety protections such as short circuit and low power protection, the Gemm and Twister devices are ideal to use as on-the-going vaping devices.

With so many products on the market, choosing accessories and new devices can be overwhelming. However, wealth of choice does not necessarily equate to quality. FreeMax’s reputation is well-deserved, however, for their attention to detail, high quality products and their powerful and innovative hardware.

FreeMax have a profound influence on the vaping community and it’s not difficult to see why – their focus on innovation and market-leading products is bold, striking and clearly demonstrates their craftsmanship and workmanship at an affordable and highly reasonable price point.

What type of device is best for me?

FreeMax Pens – Pen-style devices like the FreeMax Twister and FreeMax Gemm provide satisfying amounts of nicotine combined with great flavours and a smooth vape for an ideal introduction into the world of vaping.

FreeMax Pods – Pods are convenient and easy to use while on the go. Like pen devices, pods provide a similar sensation to smoking a traditional cigarette and are best suited to Nicotine Salts and 50:50 e-liquids. As pods often integrate coils within replaceable pods, Pod devices promise ease of use and easy maintenance.

FreeMax Pod Mods – Much like a Pod, but with the extra capabilities of a Mod, Pod Mods are the way to go when flavour means everything to you. Unlike Mods, Pod Mods often integrate coils within replaceable pods and so promise ease of use and easy maintenance. Delivering rich flavours in a simple and convenient device, Pod Mods are great for intermediate vapers who require ease and simplicity of use combined with more control over the vaping experience.

FreeMax Box Mods – A large and powerful vape with numerous power and control capabilities, these devices are best suited to more experienced vapers who prefer a direct to lung (DTL), sub-ohm vaping style which produces rich flavour and impressive vapour when paired with High VG e-liquids such as Dinner Lady 30:70 e-liquids and Shortfills (Shake n Vapes).