Unfortunately due to an incident at one of our manufacturing facilities, we have had to temporarily close our online store. Our team is working around the clock to address the situation, and we aim to restore access to our online store at the earliest opportunity.




About Vape Dinner Lady

For many years GM Group has held and operated a core belief that our real value is in our people. By taking what many would consider being ‘ordinary people’, and empowering them to achieve extraordinary outcomes, we have created a modern, disruptive group of businesses. ‘We see a world where ordinarily people do extraordinary things that lasts for Generations’.

Vape Dinner Lady is the realisation of our values, belief, and approach. The company that started with just 2 members, now employs over 150, occupies over 65,000 sq ft site offering world class facilities and distributes to 110 countries globally including large scale B2B and FMCG Customers.

Established in May 2016 in response to the ballooning UK vaping market, Vape Dinner Lady has grown at an exceptional rate. Founded on the principals of using premium quality ingredients, manufactured in the UK, to create authentic products which make people smile, we have built up a loyal cohort of followers worldwide who buy into the VDL lifestyle.

The reason Vape Dinner Lady is beloved is because we have managed to tap into something that transcends all boundaries, race, religion, or background – nostalgia.

‘We believe everyone should smile, we believe nostalgia can be served in a bottle, we take you back to a time when things just didn’t matter, and it just so happens we’re a vape company.’


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