Vape Dinner Lady – Personal Data Consent Form


I hereby give my consent to Dinner Lady Fam Ltd, its affiliates, and agents to store my personal identifying information for the purpose of sharing information with me about the products offered by Vape Dinner Lady, advertising, or other media, marketing or educational materials related to the Dinner Lady group of brands or products. This consent includes, but is not limited to:

1. Permission to store my full name, contact information including email and telephone number, and details of my business, its locations and addresses; and

2. Permission to contact me or where I have provided business details, permission to contact an appropriate designated contact at my business for the above purposes.

This consent is given in perpetuity and does not require further approval by me.

I understand that Dinner Lady Fam Ltd is an international electronic cigarette company based in the United Kingdom and that my provided personal information may be shared with the local business partners of Dinner Lady in my country of location.

I understand that I am entitled to certain rights under data protection regulations for the use of my personal data. Should I have any concerns with respect to this use, or have further questions, I may contact Vape Dinner Lady on the below details:

Data Protection Officer, Dinner Lady Fam Ltd, GM House, Wilkinson Way, Blackburn, BB1 2EE or

Fuller details relating to data protection are located within the Privacy Policy on Vape Dinner Lady’s website, and can be located at: