It’s been a busy and eventful five years since Dinner Lady first launched to the world, and looking back there’s so much we have achieved in such a short space of time.

The vape business moves fast, but Dinner Lady has led from the front as we carved a place for our world-class premium vape products, loved the world over by retailers and consumers alike.

Here, we take a look back at five key moments in our history to share the passion and our growth we’ve enjoyed. And we thank you, our extended Dinner Lady Family, of retail partners – of all shapes and sizes – and consumers for supporting us along the way.


When Dinner Lady burst on to the scene in at the Birmingham Vape Expo UK in 2016, we went all out to make a mark on the vape industry.

At the time, the majority of vape brands had dark, gothic-inspired or street-style images. By contrast, Dinner Lady went for a playful pastel look, creating our celebrated retro theme, and offering a lighter, brighter alternative. As well as the standout branding, we had excellent flavours including the now-iconic global favourite Lemon Tart, alongside Cornflake Tart, Maple Waffle and Strawberry Custard.

This combination proved a recipe for success as the brand was soon the cream of the crop in the vape world, selling our premium e-liquids wholesale through global distributors and direct to independent vape stores. We turned heads wherever the Dinner Lady sales teams and ambassadors went – a swirl of pink passed by leaving a citrussy biscuit-scented cloud.


A year after Dinner Lady launched, we took time out for the Summer Holidays, launching a new specially designed range of refreshingly cool, ice-spiked koolada e-liquids inspired by our favourite summer flavours. These taste sensations soon made it into the main Dinner Lady range and flavours such as Strawberry Bikini and Black Orange Crush are among our best-selling vape juices around the world today. 

The huge success of the chilled Summer Holidays’ range gave way to the introduction of the Dinner Lady Ice range, which dominates still today – providing a wide range of cool, fruity, sweet flavours, popular with a wide range of vapers looking for a fresh koolada hit.


As the Dinner Lady success story continued, we had rapidly outgrown our original base in central Blackburn and so we moved to our current base, the state-of-the-art GM House, just moments from the North West’s extensive motorway network and a logistical gateway to the world. With our new headquarters office space and manufacturing facilities all on-site Dinner Lady was able to make even greater plans for the future. 

Shortly after moving into the multimillion-pound headquarters, the production lines began to run as part of our manufacturing and distribution hub on the same site. The very first bottle of Lemon Tart to run off the lines is pictured above, held by key member Sam Hayes. Today, the four high-end production lines can produce up to 5.5million bottles a month. This capacity enables Dinner Lady to meet the needs of a variety of retailers from independent vape stores to major multi-national brands to support continued growth now and in the future.


In the early days of vaping, ex-smokers struggled to meet their nicotine needs via e-juices without experiencing hard throat hits from the original freebase nicotine e-liquids. And so, salt nicotine e-juice was created, allowing for higher nicotine strengths, without the uncomfortable throat hit.

This was a major innovation in the vape world, and Dinner Lady’s Salts range soon became market-leading alternatives for those making the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Salts came to the UK Dinner Lady range in 2019, after successful trials in specially selected global markets. And they’ve gone from strength to strength now, often overtaking their freebase vape juice siblings for popularity, offering excellent flavours and a real opportunity for our retail partners to support smokers making the switch. Alongside the Dinner Lady Salts e-liquids, our Vape Pen range also supports those making the switch with our premium nic salt vape juice in simple-to-use hardware.


Since mid-2019, Dinner Lady has launched a series of Vape Pen disposables around the world, each tailored to meet local market trends and regulations. From the Vape Pen Max in the US to the 2021 launch of the Vape Pen in the UK, now rolling out into the EU via specially selected retail partners, the Dinner Lady Disposable range has something for everyone.

In each version of the Vape Pen, we’ve taken best-selling vape flavours and optimised them to meet the premium vape hardware we’ve developed, to ensure consumers get the very best taste. In addition, we’ve created Vape Pen exclusive flavours such as Banana Ice.


So, what’s cooking for the next five years at Dinner Lady? There’s a lot bubbling away on the Dinner Lady stove at present with new offerings coming to the table throughout the second half of 2021 – including some exciting developments which will be sure to make their way into our 10th birthday Top 10 Moments’ list.


It’s fair to say “The best is yet to come…”. Keep in touch with Dinner Lady, and to find out what’s coming to your local market soon, email or fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch soon.