When it comes to choosing the best menthol e-liquids for your independent vape store or vape wholesale distributor, Dinner Lady’s ranges have something for every taste, strength and device to ensure customer satisfaction and drive repeat sales.

Menthol has long been a popular flavour profile for vapers, whether experienced or new to vape – with that oh-so-welcome cooling hit helping to support nicotine cravings, as well as providing an extra fresh kick on the exhale.

And no matter what other flavours your customers choose – there’s a Dinner Lady menthol to suit their palate, falling into two main camps...

Our fresh menthols focus on traditional mint flavour profiles, such as Spearmint, Mint Ice, Ice Menthol and Fresh Menthol. Then there are cool menthols, combined with a chilling hit from Koolada, Mint Ice blended with peppermint, and Ice Menthol straddling the fresh and cool.

So why should you stock the Dinner Lady Menthol range?

  • 1 in 5 UK vapers choose menthol/mint e-liquids
  • A great alternative for former menthol cigarette smokers
  • Seven premium menthol vape juice flavours
  • New Vape Pen disposable e-cig in two menthol flavours

Here’s a look at some of Dinner Lady’s favourite menthol e-liquids and products to help you make your next wholesale vape order.


The Dinner Lady disposable Vape Pen is a perfect option for adult smokers making the switch to vaping as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, simple to stock and simple to use, it comes pre-filled with Dinner Lady’s premium 20mg nic salt e-liquid in two of our most popular menthols.

Blue Menthol brings together luscious sweet and fruity mixed berries with a sprinkle of Dinner Lady Love, all entwined with a blast of icy menthol.

By contrast, Fresh Menthol offers a more classic take, creating a crisp and refreshing menthol taste.


Mint Tobacco was the first Dinner Lady menthol premium e-liquid, launched as part of the 50:50 range back in 2018, and it remains in the range still today.

It’s another key product to support adult smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes, with those familiar flavours of tobacco and mint helping to support the switch.


Time to ‘tune’ up and take a puff of our fruitiest menthol offering – Cherry Menthol. And yes, if you haven’t tried it, it does taste like those cough sweets, and it is just as soothing too. Your customers will love it cherry much.

And as if the cool chill of menthol wasn’t enough – we double down and up the ante in our Ice Menthol e-liquid, which is the coldest choice around.


If minty menthol isn’t quite right for your customers, then the Dinner Lady Ice ranges, in 50:50, Salts, 30:70 and Shortfills, offers the cool kick of koolada without the leafy green of mint. Koolada, or menthyl methl lactate, has the same cooling properties as menthol – but without the minty taste, so adding a chill to flavours which might otherwise be overpowered by a minty menthol. Alternatively combine both menthol and koolada for a truely chilling vibe.

And the Ice ranges offer some of our favourite Fruit, Sweets and Drinks flavours with that special chilled vibe.

Dinner Lady’s popular Menthol flavours are an excellent alternative for anyone who favoured menthol cigarettes and now wants a less harmful option.

This range of 50:50s, 30:70s, Shortfills, Longfills, Nicotine Salts and many more e-liquids includes and extensive selection of sweet e-liquids produced in response to consumer demand around the world. Fill in the form below to find out more about stocking Dinner Lady’s premium menthol e-liquids and menthol e-cig disposables.