Black Friday Is Coming!

Black Friday Is Coming!

Black Friday is coming!

I bet you can’t wait for all the amazing deals coming your way!

So Black Friday is on its way. The UK high street, supermarkets and online retailers are preparing themselves for a tsunami of excitable customers looking to spend around £8 billion (not each!). I wonder if anyone will actually be working on Friday? How many people will be glued to their phones and computers keep up with the latest offers. From lightning deal to searching out the best price.

Recently Black Friday has become huge. Much like Christmas, it has moved from a single day to a whole month. There’s the lead up to Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and then while stocks last …

As a vaper, I am already surrounded by AMAZING liquid offers that I have to BUY NOW. I’ve already had around 20 “special offers” in my inbox today, and probably scrolled past another 20 on social media. But it can be difficult on Black Friday to recognise the true value of a discount when bombarded with a steady flow of targeted sales messages.

If you know what you’re looking for, maybe a new ceramic coil or a new mod, then you’ve already done your homework and you can make a fair assessment if a Black Friday deal is worth pursuing. It gets a lot more difficult when an offer looks too good to be true, and the sensible portion of your brain gets overwhelmed by the noise and hype.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. If there is a quality brand of e-liquid or device that you know and have tested, it is better to stick with those brands than to ‘splash the cash’ based on a ‘great deal’. When you purchase online, buy from a reputable supplier and make sure that anyone asking for your credit card is trustworthy. Check the URL, is it the same as the supplier’s name? If you get an offer via email, check it thoroughly, it is easy for bad guys to impersonate legitimate good guys with a look-alike brand.

One last thing, if you’re looking to buy gifts for friends and families, try not to get too carried away, it’s a long time from December’s pay-check to the end of January 2020.