A Beginner's Guide to Squonking

A Beginner's Guide to Squonking

Squonking is a vape method that involves the use of a peculiar vaping device: a squonk mod. Squonk mods use the same mechanics as Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDAs) without the faff of manual dripping.


Not so long ago, when vape was a new phenomenon, the vaping world was full of modified vape kits and DIY e-liquids. It was difficult to find or make a vape kit as advanced as they are today, so vapers took matters into their own hands. Searching high and low to achieve the very best flavours, dedicated vapers found that dripping e-liquids onto cotton delivered incredible flavour.

And so Rebuildable Drip Atomisers (RDAs) were born. Without a tank, an RDA involves manually feeding the wick by dripping e-liquid directly onto it. RDA vaping is well-loved for providing the perfect hit of flavour and vapour every time.

However, manually dripping e-liquids onto cotton was time-consuming and unpractical. Thus, bottom-feeding atomizers were born. With a hole in the bottom, e-liquids are fed from the bottom and up through a tube to eliminate the mess and faff of dripping e-liquids from a tank at the top.

Cue squonking.

Squonk mods allow vapers to bottom-feed their vape juices up from the bottom of the connector to eliminate the manual element of dripping e-liquids down onto coils through a mouthpiece. With squonk mods, e-liquids are squeezed upwards from a reservoir to eliminate mess and fuss, saving vapers heaps of time and hassle.

There was one huge drawback, though. Many of these DIY kits were unregulated and could be dangerous when used incorrectly. There were numerous cases of squonk mods exploding or setting on fire due to vapers putting too much strain on a battery or not setting up the mod properly.

Though the market has advanced and regulated mech mods are available to buy, there is further disappointing news for UK and EU vapers – squonk mods are not available for sale within any country in the European Union due to TPD regulations.

As per the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), all vape devices cannot have tanks that hold more than 2ml of e-liquid. As squonk kits have a bigger e-liquid reservoir, the sale of squonk mods is not allowed in the UK vape market.


While TPD regulations prevent stores from stocking mech mods in the UK and EU, this does not make it illegal to use them.

Many vapers continue to build their own mechanical mods. However, vapers should use only use regulated mods with extreme caution. Inexperienced vapers especially should avoid building their own vape kits due to the serious risks and dangers involved.


Squonking incorporates a battery, bottle and dripper. Unlike an RDA, squonk mods contain an e-liquid reservoir, meaning vapers get the convenience of a traditional e-cig with the excellent flavour of an RDA.

Dripping is a manual and messy process that takes time. It also involves the risk of over dripping which can flood your vape kit. Squonking eliminates the need for manual dripping, providing a quick and convenient vape that maintains the excellent flavour of an RDA mod. With a bottom-feeding dripper that pulls liquid through, squonk mods also eliminate the risk of flooding your device.


At its core, a squonk mod uses the same mechanics as an RDA, with one major difference.

Instead of relying on the dripping method, squonk mods incorporate on an internal e-juice reservoir that can store significant quantities of e-juice. With a squeeze of the bottle, the e-liquid is fed upwards through the mod and directly into the RDA. The result is essentially a hybrid design between a standard mod and an RDA that is much more convenient.


There’s a downside to everything. Even vaping.

While squonk mods are undoubtedly more convenient than RDAs, their large e-liquid reservoir makes it difficult to change flavours often. The large reservoir means less refilling and overall less hassle, though it does mean using the same flavoured e-liquid for a longer period of time.

This is no issue, however, to vapers who have found their favourite e-liquid flavour – we’re looking at you, Lemon Tart fans. Or for those who don’t mind sticking to the same e-liquid flavour for a longer period of time.


To put it simply, the best squonk mod is a regulated squonk mod. Made with regulated controls and components, regulated squonk mods have exceptional safety features that protect vapers against malfunctions.


Due to the complexity of building your own vape kit and the dangers involved with handling powerful batteries, it is best to choose a regulated squonk mod. Opting for a regulated squonk mod ensures both your own and others safety.