FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit
FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit


FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit

Experience a new level of vaping with the FUYL Pod Kit. Perfect for transitioning away from traditional cigarettes or disposables, this Vape Pod Kit enhances your vaping journey with sustainability and variety.

Rechargeable and impressively cost-efficient, the kit features a stylish diamond-cut exterior for sleek aesthetics. (Please note charging cable not included. Product is fitted with a USB-c charging port.)

Choose from one of six initial premium Dinner Lady flavours to get started with the FUYL pod.

Available in 20mg.

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Product Features

Upgrade your vaping journey with the FUYL Pod Kit. Thoughtfully designed to assist in transitioning from traditional cigarettes and to save on single-use disposables, the FUYL Pod Kit is your best companion for a convenient, sustainable and enjoyable vaping experience.

This kit comes packed with one of six premium Dinner Lady flavours of your choice, offering a sublime vaping experience right out of the box. But the exploration doesn't stop here.

We understand your desire for variety, which is why we offer 12 further tantalising flavours available in replaceable pods sold separately, totalling to an impressive palette of 18 unique flavours.

Fuelled by a rechargeable battery, the FUYL Pod Kit ensures you're never left without a satisfying vaping experience. It's an effortless transition from disposal devices, mirroring their convenience while offering more extensive use—undoubtedly an environment-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Keeping sophistication at its core, the FUYL Pod Kit features a robust diamond-cut outer shell. It's not just a vaping device; it's a style statement. The unique design is not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to hold, making every vape session a delight.

Finally, to cater to experienced vapers, the FUYL Pod Kit is available in a robust 20mg option, delivering a satisfying pull every time.

In summary, sustainable, cost-efficient, and packed with flavour and style—the FUYL Pod Kit is a vapour’s delight.



1. Open the outer cardboard box and remove the contents
2. Tear the foil packaging and remove the device
3. Remove and discard the silicon plug and the seal from the bottom of the replacement pod and label at the bottom of the device
4. Activate the vape by drawing on the end of the pod – an LED light will glow on the bottom of the e-cig
5. The LED light will flash when depleted – at this point, inserted the USB-C provided into the bottom of the device
6. Keep the device in a cool place not exceeding 25c
7. Avoid storage in extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and at high humidity


Size: H68mm X W36mm X D19mm
Material: Plastic and Metal
Battery: 500mAh, Grade A Li-Ion battery
1.03ohm Mesh coil
Fully charged in 30-45 minutes with 0% charge
Device arrives 75% charged
Can be used whilst on charge

What's in the Box

1x FUYL Device
1x Pre-filled Pod of one of the following flavours  (Apple Peach, Pineapple Peach Mango, Blood Orange Pineapple, Banana Ice, Blueberry Ice, Kiwi Passion Guava, Raspberry Cola, Spearmint Menthol and Strawberry Dragon Friut)