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Vape Dinner Lady Retailer Gift Box Giveaway

Here at Dinner Lady we’re kicking 2021 off in style – to bring a smile to your faces with our BRAND NEW Retailer Gift Box.

The gift boxes are our BIGGEST EVER GIVEAWAY, jam packed with Dinner Lady goodies to Share The Love with your customers and staff, and they are winging their way to stores now.

We wanted to say Thank You for the support you’ve shown us and have put together this huge box of samples, complete with some new and exclusive Dinner Lady clothing, marketing materials and more.

We really missed getting out and about to meet the vape community and our extended Dinner Lady family at expos and events in 2020.

Dinner Lady Chief Executive Offi­cer Mohammed Patel explained: “At a time when staying connected is more important than ever, we want to remind our customers – you, the retailers – that Dinner Lady is here to support your business, and in turn to help your customers make the best choices when it comes to vaping.”

We could have just sent a simple box of samples, but we decided to do it the Dinner Lady way, and instead have created the STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION luxury Dinner Lady Retailer Gift Box.

They’re jam packed with limited edition Dinner Lady T-shirts and hoodies, the ever-popular Dinner Lady apron, a 2021 catalogue, and to help protect shop staff Dinner Lady-branded masks and sanitiser.

Retailers will also receive a USB pen drive fully loaded with new digital promotion tools – including videos and social media artwork, plus new posters, menu cards and leaflets.

And to help you Share The Love, we’ve included some delicious samples of our classic, original, iconic Lemon Tart e-liquids, as well as samples of our Dinner Lady range of disposable Vape Pens.

Bianca Brigdale, Head of Projects & Operations at Dinner Lady, created the boxes with our in-house design studio and marketing team.

She said: “Retailers and vapers love getting their hands on Dinner Lady merchandise at expos and events, and we’ve really missed getting out and about at expos to meet the community.

“So instead we’ve maxed out on sample packs, to bring a little bit of that Dinner Lady merch magic into stores.”

Take a look inside:

Limited edition Dinner Lady T-shirts and hoodies
The ever-popular Dinner Lady apron
Dinner Lady face masks and hand gel, to protect staff and shoppers
USB pen drive, loaded with new videos and other online marketing tools
2021 Catalogue
New A3 posters, menu cards and leaflets
Lemon Tart samples