Here at Dinner Lady we’re justifiably proud of our roots here in the UK. But, did you know our premium e-liquids are sold in 96 countries around the world and we’re always expanding?

Through our network of e-liquid wholesale distributors and e-liquid retailers, our products can be found in every corner of the world – from Australia to Canada, Russia to Brazil.

After recently revealing our top 10 territories around the world, we’re taking a more in-depth look at the countries where Dinner Lady’s premium e-liquids are stocked.

This month, we take a look at the vape market in Greece, a country which registers the highest percentage of smokers in the EU – with 42% of adults smoking, compared to an EU average of 23%, according to the Eurobarometer 2021. Alongside this, around 2% of the adult population vape, equal to the EU average. However, according to Ecigintelligence, Greece has 440,000 vapers among its adult population, equivalent to 4.6%.

The smoking figures in Greece come alongside a high level of anti-smoking legislation, but with tax of €1 per 10mls of PG/VG e-liquid, taxation proves something of a barrier for those who may be looking at vape as an alternative to cigarettes. It’s not only the cost which causes a problem, but with tax only applying to ready-to-vape liquids, the e-liquid market in Greece is dominated by DIY juices, with vapers usually mixing their own combinations of PG, VG, nicotine and flavour concentrates.

The Greek government is yet to take any stance either for or against vaping as an alternative, despite its staunch anti-cigarette stance – although the price for a packet of 20 remains low at €4.40 to €5. However the country’s indoor smoking ban does include vaping alongside traditional combustible tobacco products.

Greece business development manager Bogdan Martin said: “Dinner Lady is the second biggest brand in the Greek vape market, and we work constantly with both our key strategic distribution and retail partners to ensure we continue to have this presence and to grow our place within the market.

“Despite the pandemic, there has actually been an increase in consumers choosing premium vape brands and our accounts have shown excellent growth over around 18 months.

“The Greek market is heavily centred on advanced open systems, around 45% of people use this, so it’s understandable that these experienced vapers turn to a well-established, well-loved premium brand like Dinner Lady.”

Vape sales are split between vape stores (50%), traditional retail (30%) and online (20%), again reflecting the popularity of DIY vaping and the experience of Greek vapers.

While the vast majority of vapers used open systems, in particular advanced systems, it has been predicted that disposable e-cigarettes will make a strong impact on the market this year – rising from 0% to 5%, according to EcigIntelligence.

Dinner Lady’s Head of Western Europe Luke Clayton (pictured above) said: “Like in the UK, Greek vapes are sold under the EU’s TPD (2016) regulations, which limits the sale of nicotine-containing e-liquids to 10ml bottles, 20mg nicotine strengths and 2ml tank sizes.

“But the market is much more distinct than many others in Europe with the popularity of DIY vapes, hence our focus on Concentrates there, which have given Dinner Lady an extremely strong position within the Greek market.”


Little did we know when we launched our original award-winning Lemon Tart e-liquid that the business would grow so far and our e-liquids would become Loved The World Over.

Dinner Lady has an in-house compliance team, dedicated to ensuring our premium vape juices meet or surpass all local regulations for wholesale vape juice wherever you are in the world.

The e-liquids are manufactured at our multimillion-pound headquarters , following the stringent TRPR rules and regulations established by the UK Government, under the EU’s framework for TPD compliant products. And now our best-selling wholesale e-liquids have been submitted for PMTA with the FDA in America.

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