How to Make Your Own E-Liquid at Home

How to Make Your Own E-Liquid at Home

Making your own e-liquids at home is the natural next step for experienced vapers who like their juices just so. 

There are many benefits to making DIY vape juice, from making great flavour combinations to saving money. But one of the best aspects of making your own e-liquids is the ability to experiment with vaping styles and e-liquid formulations, all the while enjoying the experience.


Let’s start at the very beginning.

There are four components involved in e-liquids: food-grade flavourings, PG, VG and nicotine.

If you’re ready to make your own e-liquid flavours, concentrates are a great place to start. Dinner Lady’s flavour concentrates provide two of these four elements – food-grade flavourings and PG, making the process as easy as straight forward as possible. You can find out more about flavour concentrates here.

When you've picked your favourite concentrate flavour, all that’s left to source is VG and, if required, nicotine.

It is also handy to have e-liquid and storage bottles, pipettes, labels and gloves to hand to simplify the mixing process and reduce the amount of mess. When measuring by weight, it is also important to have a scale that has a 0.01g precision.


There are two methods to mixing your own e-liquids – by volume and by weight.

By volume

Mixing by volume is the most common method of making a DIY e-liquid since this is how traditional e-liquids are measured.

When mixing by weight, the first place to start is with the PG and VG. Though the amount of PG and VG used in your DIY mixture is largely dependent on your personal preference, it is good to start with an even measure of each until you find your ideal ratio.

For a great first vape whilst you are finding your feet in the world of DIY vaping, mix Dinner Lady Concentrates as a 20-25% mix ratio with VG. For example, you should mix 75ml VG with 25ml of your chosen flavour.

You now have a 100ml bottle of DIY e-liquid that you’ve made yourself! You can now start getting creative by mixing different flavours and adding different ratios to alter the formulation to suit your preferences. You even have the option of adding a nicotine to complete your DIY vape juice flavour.

 By weight

There is a slightly different approach involved when mixing by weight. Each component should be measured with a scale to determine its weight. This can be particularly difficult as 1ml of VG is heavier than 1ml of PG. Vapers mixing by weight should invest in scales that have a precision of 0.01g.

The mixing process is then simple – weigh out the correct measurements of each ingredient and adjust with nicotine as required.


Flavour concentrates make DIY vaping simple without taking away from the fun of making your own e-liquids.

Now you know all there is to know about DIY e-juices, why not experiment by mixing different vape juice flavours? With so many different flavour concentrates to choose from, vapers have an excellent base point for making flavourful vape juices that cannot be bought in vape stores.