How to Safely Charge Your E-Cig

How to Safely Charge Your E-Cig

With more and more smokers turning to less harmful alternatives to tobacco products comes a rise in reports about dangers associated with vaping. With several horror stories circulating the vape world of exploding e-cigarettes and e-cig battery fires, vaping may be a source of apprehension for many smokers.

Powered by Lithium-Ion batteries that need proper care and attention, it is important for vapers to understand how to charge e-cigarettes safely.

Like all batteries, e-cig batteries need proper care and attention. When maintained properly, vape batteries are under warranty for a length of time. But batteries don't last forever. Whether it be the battery in your TV remote or an e-cig battery, they should be cared for properly and disposed of when no longer fit for purpose. When not cared for properly, batteries can be unsafe to use, even causing dangerous explosions.


Charging an e-cig safely is important, not only to keep your e-cig working to its best potential, but to protect you and others from any harm caused by a corrupted battery.

1. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions
2. Protect your e-cig from extreme temperatures
3. Only use the recommended batteries
4. Charge your vape kit on a clean, flat and inflammable surface
5. Keep your vape kit's safety features enabled
6. Don't use a damaged device or corroded battery


Using the right e-cig battery charger is vital to protect your batteries. Where possible, use the USB cable provided with your vape kit and always follow the manufacturer instructions.

If you cannot use the USB included with your vape kit, always buy from a reputed seller. While USBs and other charging cables are widely available at cheap prices, they are not always official products. What’s more, a cheap e-cig pen charger may not have the same safety features and protections as those from a reputable vape manufacturer or supplier. Remember, buy cheap, buy twice. 

It’s also important not to mix and match chargers from different e-cigarettes. The best e-cig battery charger is one that is specially made for your particular vape kit or is compatible with the power input of your e-cigarette. The best e-cig mod battery charger will have been tried and tested with your device. So if you suddenly find that your e-cig battery charger is not working, head down to your local vape shop or to a reputable online vape store where you can find a suitable charger for your vape kit.

Charging an e-cigarette with an integrated battery

If your e-cig has a built-in battery, you can use the included USB cable to connect to your vape kit. Typically, an e-cig charger cable should be used in a laptop or similar device with USB or USB-C connectivity, not connected to the mains. While this is not a hard-fast rule, most e-cig chargers do not have the voltage requirements to suit mains charging. It’s important to keep this in mind when buying a new e-cig charger.

Charging an e-cigarette with a removable battery

If your e-cig has a removable battery, remove the batteries and place in an external charger like the Nitecore i2 or similar. Only use the charger on a flat surface away from flammable objects. Keep an eye on the batteries and do not leave them unattended. When fully charged, remove the batteries from the charger and safely return to your e-cig.


  • If your batteries show any signs of corrosion, dispose of safely and replace with new batteries.
  • If your e-cig requires more than one battery, always use married batteries. For eg. two of the same brand.
  • Please note: not all 18650 batteries are suitable for vape kits.
  • Use a battery case to transport your batteries or to protect when not in use.
  • Always buy from a reputable seller to avoid low quality, counterfeit batteries.