Also Known As – A Guide to Dinner Lady Flavour Names

Also Known As – A Guide to Dinner Lady Flavour Names

During the past five years, we’ve invented some delicious flavour formulations, so delicious in fact, that they have won multiple awards.

To support vapers throughout their vaping journey, we sometimes change our flavour names to keep things fresh for advanced vapers, and simple for new vapers. Think about it – if you’re a new vaper, you’re more likely to go for a simple flavour description that’s to the point. If you’re an experienced vaper, on the other hand, you might be more willing to take a chance on a more unusually named juice.

With over 39 e-liquid flavours, some of which have more than one name, finding your favourite can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether you’re an OG Dinner Lady vaper or just about to start your journey into the nostalgic world of VDL, we’re here to give you the lowdown on all of our name changes. That way, you’re sure to find your favourite across our award-winning selection of e-liquid flavours.


We know a flavour change can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you find a flavour you love and then it disappears from plain sight. But don’t worry, our guide will make sure you don’t waste your precious time searching for the new name of your favourite juice.

Combining melon with a kick of kiwi, Dinner Lady’s Kiwi Melon is also known as Melon Twist. With a full-bodied citrus base, this flavour is available as Kiwi Melon in Nic Salts, Shortfill and Concentrate formulations, and as Melon Twist in 50:50 and 30:70 e-liquids.

Dinner Lady Melon Twist AKA Kiwi Melon



Anyone else find themselves launching into a rendition of the Prince classic when they hear this e-juice name? Known as Purple Rain in Shortfill, Nic Salts and Concentrates formulations, this fruity flavour combines the sweet notes and sharp tangs of blueberries and raspberries.

Winning praise for its sweet, rich flavour, this e-liquid flavour is known as Blue Raspberry in 50:50 and 30:70 formulations.

Dinner Lady Purple Rain and Blue Raspberry


Lie back in your sun lounger and bask in the summer vibes of Sun Tan Mango, introduced as a part of the 2017 Summer Holidays range. Now a firm and favourite part of the Ice range, Sun Tan Mango is more commonly known as Mango Ice.

Don’t be tricked into a sunny sense of false security when it comes to Dinner Lady’s Mango Ice Vape Pen, though, which adds a touch of cream to the mix.

Dinner Lady Sun Tan Mango and Mango Ice


Originally launched as Pink Lady, this cocktail of mixed berries blends sweet citrus fruits. Now known as Pink Berry, this flavour is available in all e-liquid formulations, including the Vape Pen, Shortfills, Concentrates, 50:50s, 30:70s and Nic Salts.

Dinner Lady Pink Berry and Pink Lady


Flip Flop might not sound all that tasty, but you can’t count Flip Flop Lychee out. Part of the Ice range, this mix of lychee, citrus and koolada, Flip Flop Lychee is also known as Lychee Lemonade and Lychee Ice. No matter what name it chooses to go by, this blend promises a refreshing and tropical vape on a hot summer’s day.

Dinner Lady Flip Flop Lychee AKA Lychee Ice and Lychee Lemonade


A much-loved part of Dinner Lady’s Sweets range, you’re sure to be bowled over by Sweet Fruits. A fusion of blackcurrant, lime, citrus and more, Sweet Fruits is also known as Sweet Fusion. Blending sweet fruit flavours with citrus undertones, this is the perfect flavour for vapers to satisfy their sweet tooth without the guilt induced from a sugar overload.

Dinner Lady Sweet Fruits and Sweet Fusion


Sweet, fruity and extra delicious, who doesn’t love the ripe taste of strawberry? Dinner Lady vapers certainly do, and we can’t say we blame them with four extra special strawberry e-juices to choose from.

If you tickled your tastebuds with Strawberry Lemonade, you’ll be wondering where the delicious blend of strawberries, koola and citrus disappeared to. Now known as Strawberry Bikini, this Dinner Lady favourite is a super sweet, summery flavour that is reminiscent of strawberry laces and is sure to be a staple in your e-liquids collection.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Bikini AKA Strawberry Ice and Strawberry Lemonade


Available in 50:50 and 30:70 formulations, Cherry Raspberry boasts distinct notes of cherries and raspberries for an explosion of sweet yet tart berry goodness. If you prefer Shortfill or Concentrate e-liquids, you can find this same great flavour under the name Berry Blast.

 Dinner Lady Berry Blast AKA Cherry Raspberry


Blueberry and currant fused with menthol to create a delicious, fruity taste with an ice cool exhale, Heisen Lady was a firm favourite with Dinner Lady’s OGs.

If you find yourself missing Dinner Lady’s Heisen Lady, we have some excellent news – it is still a part of our collection! Now given the new name of Blue Menthol, you can try this blue-tiful flavour in 50:50, Nic Salt, Shortfill, Vape Pen and Concentrate formulations.

Dinner Lady Blue Menthol and Heisen Lady


If you’re an original Blackcurrant Orange fan, this one’s for you.

Imagine crushed blackcurrants with freshly squeezed orange and ice cold koolada, desperate to try Black Orange Crush yet? You can, in Shortfill and Concentrate formulation. If you’re more of a 50:50, 30:70 or Nic Salt fan, not to worry – the same excellent flavour is ready for you under the guide of Blackcurrant Ice.

Dinner Lady Blackcurrant Crush and Blackcurrant Ice


If bubble gum is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that Dinner Lady’s Bubble Trouble is one of the very best on the vape market. Don’t believe us? There’s only one way to find out…

Shop Bubble Gum in 50:50 and 30:70 in Nic Salts formulations or Bubble Trouble in Shortfill and Concentrate formulations. If the ease and convenience of a Vape Pen is more your thing, you’re in luck with the brand new Bubblegum Ice disposable e-cig, promising up to 400 puffs without flavour fade.

Dinner Lady Bubble Trouble AKA Bubble Gum


Find yourself searching desperately for the sweet and fizzy tangs of Cola Lemonade? Consider your search officially over.

Cola Ice is a go-to for any vaper that loves cola bottle sweets. Formulated with nostalgic cola flavourings to recreate the sweetshop classic, Cola Ice is available in 50:50, 30:70 and Nic Salts formulations.

Those of you preferring Shortfills need not worry, though, as you can find the exact same cola blend disguised under the name Cola Shades. Now you know, you know…

Dinner Lady Cola Shades AKA Cola Lemonade and Cola Ice


Launched as Guava Creams, now known as Tropical Fruits, this holiday-inspired flavour blends guava, pineapple and cream flavours for a deliciously smooth and well-rounded vape with a slight citrus pang. Currently available to buy in 50:50, 30:70, Nic Salt and Shortfill formulations, you can be shore that you’ll enjoy Tropical Fruits.

Dinner Lady Tropical Fruits AKA Guava Creams


Are you missing the tropical vibes of Dinner Lady’s Citrus Ice Vape Pen? Combining the zesty flavours of lemon, lime and orange with koolada for an ice cold exhale, we wouldn’t blame you for searching high and low for this one. We’ll save you the time though, by letting you know it’s still here. Now known as Tropic Chill, this Vape Pen is the ideal flavour and ideal formulation for taking in your suitcase this summer.

Dinner Lady Tropic Chill and Citrus Ice


Whether you prefer flavours from our Fruits, Sweets, Desserts, Ice, Menthol, Tobacco or Drinks ranges, you are now all set to navigate your way through Dinner Lady’s flavour name changes.