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Disposable Vape Pen Explained

Disposable Vape Pen Explained
What is a disposable vape pen?
A disposable vape pen is exactly what it sounds like – a prefilled, pen-style device that is discarded when ‘finished’. The advantage for customers is that they can sample vaping as an alternative to cigarettes without committing to buying a vape kit, liquids and coils – which requires more investment than a disposable.
The Dinner Lady disposable is the only vape pen to be prefilled with premium Dinner Lady e-liquid and provide a cost effective and easy to use starting point for those seeking to quit smoking.
Modern disposable e cigarettes are not like the petrol station cig-a-likes of the past, which used very early technology and were designed to look like a cigarette while delivering little of the same experience. The modern disposable is designed to replicate the feel, sensation and taste of smoking while being considered at least 95% less harmful that tobacco products by Public Health England.
How does a disposable e cig work?
A disposable vape pen works by using a battery to power a coil which vaporises an e-liquid, creating a flavoured vapor – containing nicotine – which is inhaled in a similar way to a cigarette. The Dinner Lady disposable e-cig has a unique feature, the e-liquid pod, which many disposables do not contain – this keeps the e-liquid freshers than competitor products which use a seeped cotton to hold the liquid.
Dinner Lady Vape Pen - How It Works
How the Dinner Lady disposable vape pen works
How does a disposable vape pen replace cigarettes?
A disposable vape pen replaces cigarettes in two key ways – it offers a replacement source of nicotine and requires the use of hands – targeting the two most commons habitual elements of traditional tobacco smoking. The Dinner Lady disposable e-cig uses a salts nicotine e-liquid with a 20mg nicotine strength, so it can more accurately match the way nicotine from cigarettes enters the blood stream.
The packaging of the Dinner Lady disposable is also designed to be similar to a packet of cigarettes so that the muscle memory of opening is the same, to further enhance the replication and provide adult cigarette smokers with the most similar experience possible. The outer packaging is sealed with cellophane and within the box, the disposable device is sealed in a foil sleeve which is torn open to reveal the device inside.
How long does a disposable vape pen last?
How long a disposable will last is highly dependent on the product and the users vaping habits, with heavier smokers using a disposable more quickly than light smokers. It is also affected by TPD legislation which restricts the size of an e-liquid containing device to 1.5ml – so there is a legal limit to how long a single use device can last. Battery size and quality is an additional factor which will affect the length of time disposables last.
The Dinner Lady disposable is designed to be the equivalent of 20 cigarettes based on taking a similar number of puffs. The 350mAh battery is able to easily provide the equivalent level of puffs to 20 cigarettes while not reducing in quality as the disposable empties.
Are disposable e cigs safe?
Disposable e cigs such as the Dinner Lady disposable vape pen with the CE mark meet all required UK safety legislation from a physical product point of view. The safety of vaping itself is something that is not universally agreed on however, our customers own experiences, the NHS position and PHE’s statement of vaping being 95% less harmful than tobacco products are what we base our position on.
Which disposable e cigarette is the best?
The Dinner Lady disposable e-cigarette is highly rated by independent vape review websites such as and, which is why we will always make the claim that the quality of our disposable is as good as they can get!
What flavours do disposable e cigs come in?
The Dinner Lady disposable is available in 13 flavours which are designed to provide the maximum choice for customers across the most popular flavour types. For those seeking a closer experience to traditional cigarettes we have the Smooth Tobacco Disposable. Menthol smokers will have noticed that the May 2020 menthol ban will have banned their previous choice of cigarettes so we offer a Blue Menthol and Fresh Menthol disposable as an alternative.
With 10 other flavours across the Desserts, Ice, Sweets, Tobacco and Fruits ranges, there is sure to be a vape pen for everyone.
Dinner Lady's range of disposable vape pens can be purchased here.
Dinner Lady disposable e cig flavours (left to right) Blue Menthol, Lemon Tart, Smooth Tobacco, Fresh Menthol, Mango Ice and Pink Berry
Dinner Lady disposable e cigarette flavours: (left to right) Blue Menthol, Lemon Tart, Smooth Tobacco, Fresh Menthol, Mango Ice and Pink Berry.
Do disposable e cigarettes create large clouds of smoke?
By design, the Dinner Lady disposable vape pen does not create a large cloud of vapor. This is to keep the usage of the device discreet and to more accurately replicate the effect of smoking. Large clouds of vape are generally created by sub-ohm vape pens which require the usage of a large battery mod – or more recently a variable wattage pod mod and a special type of e-liquid called a 30:70. These devices and liquids heat at a higher wattage and create the large plumes of clouds you may see other vapers produce.
Our research has told us that the disposable is for transitioning vapers who seek a discreet, simple and no fuss experience that is similar to cigarette smoking and not similar to sub ohm vaping.
Can a disposable vape pen charge?
Disposable vapes cannot be charged as they are designed to be a completely closed system which is ready to vape, with no fuss, straight out of the box. This means the liquid cannot be replaced and the battery cannot be charged.
Can you refill a disposable vape pen?
You cannot refill disposable e cigs by design – they are closed systems which are discarded after use. This is to ensure that you have a controlled and replicable experience every time and are not required to change coils, replace liquid, or charge the device. For new vapers, this makes the disposables the most accessible and easy to use devices.
Why do people buy disposable vapes?
There are many reasons that people demand disposable vape products. One of the most common in our research is that people want a comparable product to cigarettes but without the cigarette! This means a small and lightweight device with a discreet amount of vape and a comparable nicotine content. Customers also like the no fuss and ready to vape straight out of the box as a convenient on the go vape pen as well as acting as a low cost starter kit for those unsure if vaping will work for them.
How much are disposable e-cigarettes?
Disposable e cigarettes are available at a variety of price points, with lower end and less effective products using cheap e liquids and poor-quality hardware which while costing less ultimately provide worse value for money. The Dinner Lady disposable price starts from £4.99 for a single device which is roughly half of the 20 pack of cigarettes that it is equivalent to and is made from a premium lightweight aluminium and contains premium, UK manufactured e-liquid.

Dinner Lady disposable vape pens also come in value 3 packs which can be all the same flavour or our exclusive Mix & Match 3 flavours for Just £12. This is equivalent to just £4 per disposable which represents what we feel is the best value for money possible for the high quality disposable e cig.