Help your customers transition to a less harmful alternative to smoking this VApril with the very best vaping products from Dinner Lady.

As VApril is set to launch, we take a look at the best Dinner Lady products to help adult smokers make the switch to vaping.

We firmly believe smokers should have the facts about making the switch from cigarettes to vaping, and back the annual VApril campaign – which sees the UK vape wholesale, manufacturing and retail sectors come together to promote the benefits and help people make an informed decision.

Be prepared with our specialist advice that will support your customers in making informed decisions about vaping.


When you stock Dinner Lady's premium e-liquids, you can rest assured you've got one of the best vape brands in store.

The UK has some of the strictest regulations in the world when it comes to vape manufacturing, under the EU's TPD compliance framework - which was adopted into the UK under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) in 2016.

This regulatory framework ensures quality, safety and sufficient labelling for consumers. It also includes providing detailed information about ingredients to the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Manufacturing our e-liquids right here in the UK, here at Dinner Lady we're proud that all our ingredients are at least food grade, and often pharmaceutical grade.


We know there are various challenges to making those first tentative steps away from smoking cigarettes. And it was these challenges we wanted to meet when developing the Dinner Lady disposable Vape Pen.

It was designed with smokers in mind: A similar shape to traditional cigarettes, a draw action to replicate the use of a cigarette and a specially optimised e-liquid to best match the nicotine needs of those making the switch to vape.

Traditional vape products, with coils, tanks, batteries, pods, mods and the like, can be intimidating to new users. The Vape Pen was created for simplicity: Containing a fully-charged Grade A battery and pre-filled with Dinner Lady's premium e-liquid, there are no messy or fiddly accessories. Simply open and vape, with that familiar hand-to-mouth action that many smokers find hard to replace with other harm reduction products.

Then there's the e-liquid itself. The new for 2021 UK and EU Dinner Lady disposable Vape Pen uses a 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, in a range of new flavours alongside the classic original Lemon Tart and favourites like Strawberry Macaroon and Bubblegum Ice. The nicotine salt e-liquid was selected specifically for the way it most closely replicates the nicotine hit created when smoking cigarettes, and the speed at which it's absorbed into the blood stream.

The Vape Pen offers an excellent in-store opportunity to support new customers who want to explore vape for the first time this VApril. Priced at £4.99, significantly less than a pack of 20 cigarettes, the disposable e-cig allows consumers to find their flavour match, and promises that the last puff will taste as good as the first.


Salt nicotine – aka nicotine salts, salt nic, nic salts – is a next-gen vape product and relatively new to the market. Compared with the original e-liquid formulations, which use a synthetic freebase nicotine, salt nicotine formulations source their nicotine from a naturally occurring salt found within tobacco leaves.

The benefit of nic salts for people who are new to vape, is that nic salt juices can deliver higher strengths of nicotine without a harsh throat hit. They also absorb into the blood stream more quickly and easily, to satiate the nicotine cravings more rapidly. All this combined, means the Dinner Lady Salts range is an excellent e-liquid to offer adult smokers who want to switch away from cigarettes to vape, as nic salts will best replicate the nicotine delivery they are used to.

Growing in popularity, nic salts have a 50:50 base liquid but are smoother than freebase 50:50 vape juices at higher nicotine strengths. The Dinner Lady Salts come in all our best-selling flavours and in 10mg or 20mg strengths – to help support vapers in reducing their nicotine intake.

With the versatility of a 50:50 base liquid, a nic salt juice is best suited to pens or pod devices, or disposables such as the Dinner Lady Vape Pen.


As a retailer, you may find that adult smokers investigating vape for the first time want to know more about statements such as the “95% less harmful than cigarettes” messaging from Public Health England. It’s important that you’re prepared with some of this information to allay these concerns.

For example, 40% of smokers and ex-smokers wrongly think nicotine is the biggest cause of smoking-related cancers – which can prompt questions over the nicotine content of vape juices. The evidence, however, shows nicotine actually carries minimal risk of harm to health compared to smoking. Although nicotine causes serious addiction, it is the 5,000-plus other chemicals in cigarette smoke which cause most of the harm such as tar and carbon monoxide.   

Public Health England’s latest evidence review was published in February 2021.

Visit the Dinner Lady Blog throughout VApril for more posts to help you challenge misinformation and support customers’ vaping journey.


Not just an e-liquid wholesaler or distributor but a responsible manufacturer, Dinner Lady is a UK-based vape brand helping consumers around the world to make the transition from smoking to vaping.

Manufacturing MHRA and TPD e-liquids from state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratories in the UK, Dinner Lady has the very best products to help your customers make informed decisions about vaping.

And as a retailer, when you buy Dinner Lady’s disposable Vape Pen wholesale, you will receive best-in-class disposable e-cigarettes to support your customers. Choosing Dinner Lady’s best-selling e-cig to buy in bulk will also equip you with the very best marketing and promotional support to underpin your day-to-day business activities.

For more information on how Dinner Lady can support your business as an e-cig wholesale supplier, read our guide to buying disposable e-cigs wholesale or get in touch with the team by completing the form below.