IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Nirvana Vapes, Carshalton, South London

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Nirvana Vapes, Carshalton, South London

Welcome to the latest of our In The Spotlight features, where we chat to Sam from Nirvana Vapes about the store's vast Dinner Lady e-liquid range and the support from our sales team.

Sam runs Nirvana Vapes in Carshalton and has been buying direct from Dinner Lady for the past three years – stocking a huge range of our premium e-liquids.

The South London vape store opened in 2018, and partnered with Dinner Lady after ‘falling in love with the flavours from the very start – when they were in glass bottles and the three 10ml packs… We still miss Rice Pudding!’

Now, Sam (pictured) is happy to stock any and every Dinner Lady vape juice formulation and flavour as he knows they will sell.

“There’s no need to ask us about taking on a new Dinner Lady product when it launches – we say just send it, as they’re so good and we love the support we get from Dinner Lady,” Sam explains.


“We’re currently stocking 50:50, 30:70 10ml, 50ml Shortfills, Salts and the new Vape Pen – all in every flavour!

“Our success with Dinner Lady wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the support from our account managers. Maisie is always there if we have any issues, want any promo material for our store, to listed to any crazy ideas we have for instore promos, or just a random chat. She’s one in a million!"


Sam understands the importance of customer service in a vape store, and knows he must keep customers happy to ensure repeat business. And the Dinner Lady range is a key part of that service at Nirvana Vapes.

“We have full confidence in every product that comes out of Dinner Lady – we know it will sell no matter what it is,” Sam adds.

“I would always recommend Dinner Lady too, to new or existing customers before any other product. I know I can look a customer in the eye, sell them a Dinner Lady e-liquid and know they will enjoy what they’ve spent their hard-earned money on.

To speak to our sales team and find your 'one in a million' account manager, get in touch by emailing Alternatively, complete the form below and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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