Premium vape company Dinner Lady has signed its latest deal with global forecourt giants EG Group, as the first major national supplier of its new disposable Vape Pen e-cigarette.

The new deal marks an expanded and strengthened strategic partnership between the two Blackburn, Lancashire-based firms – with EG a leading global independent convenience retailer operating more than 6,000 sites across the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

The Vape Pen is available in all 402 EG forecourt service stations across England, Scotland and Wales, in a range of eight premium Dinner Lady flavours.

The disposable Vape Pen e-cigarette is designed to support adult smokers making the switch to a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. It is also popular with established vapers as a simple back-up device when out and about.

Priced at £4.99, the Vape Pen – pre-filled with Dinner Lady’s premium nicotine salt e-liquid – offers adult smokers the equivalent of a pack of 20 cigarettes at around half the price.

For retailers, the Vape Pen offers a simple-to-stock, simple-to-sell vape category solution.


Dinner Lady chief marketing officer John Taylor said: “We are delighted to launch the Dinner Lady Vape Pen into EG Group as a new solution in forecourt retail to help mitigate declining tobacco revenue, in a simple format which requires no specialist knowledge for staff or for consumers.

“The vape category – in particular disposable vape pens – has become increasingly important for forecourt and convenience retail, especially during the past year with consumer shopping habits ever-changing and adapting, in addition to the continuing consumer search for a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco.

“Disposables have become a key product of choice for both experienced vapers and adult smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes, and the Dinner Lady Vape Pen has been created after hundreds of hours of research, development and consumer feedback to meet their needs.”

The firms’ existing partnerships have seen Dinner Lady’s premium e-liquids stocked in EG’s forecourt stores and a series of vape concession outlets opened across the country. The premium vape company’s products have been listed in EG Group’s ASDA stores for the past 12 months.


EG Group vape category manager Bilal Ahmed said: “The new Dinner Lady Vape Pen is an excellent addition to the company’s existing range within our forecourt environments. They offer consumers a true premium vape experience in a package ideally suited to convenience retail.”

Mr Taylor added: “We work closely with the EG teams to ensure we offer the right products for their forecourt convenience outlets around the world. Dinner Lady’s premium products are well suited to the high-quality forecourt environments that EG is well known for.

“The continuing partnership between Dinner Lady and EG is indicative of the ambitions we hold in continuing our own international growth – which already sees our premium quality e-liquids sold in 96 countries around the world.”

EG has been one of the UK’s biggest retail growth success stories in recent years. The Lancashire-based company has risen from a single petrol station in Bury to a major international presence in forecourt convenience, and now supermarket retail, following the acquisition of ASDA from Walmart, as well as last month’s buy-out of ‘naturally fast food’ retailer Leon.

Vape Dinner Lady launched in 2016 and has become a category leader in the vape sector. The company now employs more than 200 people, has won more than 45 international awards and distributes its premium e-liquids into 96 countries around the world.


Picture: From left, Dinner Lady’s chief marketing officer John Taylor, Dinner Lady’s EG senior account manager Richard O’Doherty, EG’s vape category manager Bilal Ahmed and Dinner Lady’s FMCG channel director Navin Changrani

For more information, contact Vape Dinner Lady’s PR Executive Anna Cryer on 01254 972033 or by emailing


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