Vape Pen Pro FAQs

Vape Pen Pro FAQs


Why is Vape Pen Pro Different from Other Disposable Vape Pens?

The finest delivery of premium Dinner Lady E-Liquid with an excellent hardware device have been developed to deliver 600 Puffs of vapour, making the Vape Pen Pro one of the Best Tasting Disposable e-cigs available to buy in the UK.

Why is the Vape Pen pro not available in Lemon Tart Flavour?

Lemon Tart is our iconic flavour and we wanted to take extra time out to perfect this flavour with this device. This flavour will be available very soon!

What materials are the device made from?

The device is made of premium stainless-steel Disposable + PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) rubber paint with a superior silk print. The coil in the device has a resistance of 1.6ohm.

What are the ingredients in the E-Liquids?

The ingredients in the E-Liquids in the Disposable are PG, VG, Pharmaceutical grade nicotine and flavourings

What should I do if I am feeling unwell after using the device?

We are unable to give you any medical advice. If you are feeling unwell, please contact your GP.

Does the Vape Pen Pro Deliver 600 Puffs?

Yes, the Vape Pen Pro has been tested in laboratories and scientifically proven to deliver up to 600 puffs depending on the individual vaping behaviour. The device delivers between 0.8 to 1.0 per second puff intervals. This is considered to represent the average usage when vaping.

A 500mAh battery has been matched with a specially balanced coil resistance to deliver up to 600 puffs of vapour from 2ml of premium Dinner Lady Nic Salts E-Liquid which is contained inside the Disposable device.

Why Does My Vape Pen Pro Not last as Long as My Friends?

The number of puffs received from the device will be different from person to person depending on each person’s lung capacity and vaping behaviour.

Why is The Flavour So Great in My Vape Pen Pro?

The Vape Pen Pro only contains Dinner Lady premium E-Liquid.

It is a combination of the quality of ingredients used in the manufacturing process and the formulation which provides such a rich and aromatic flavour.

The nicotine salt in the Dinner Lady E-Liquid is contained within the Vape Pen Pro Disposable has been especially formulated and matched to the Vape Pen Pro coil and 500mAh battery to deliver a superior vape flavour when used.

Why Does the Flavour Fade in Other Disposables?

The Vape Pen Pro has been specially designed to deliver great consistent flavour without fade.

Unlike other e-cigs, the Vape Pen Pro’s combination of ‘Grade A’ 500mAh battery and balanced resistance coil, together with specially formulated Dinner Lady E-Liquid, ensures the Vape Pen Pro delivers great flavour from start to finish.

How Will I Know When Vape Pen Pro is Running Out?

Dinner Lady’s Vape Pen Pro Disposable features an LED light in the base which will flash when the e-cig is running out and it’s time to buy a new one.

Is The Vape Pen Pro Compliant for The UK Market?

Yes, Vape Pen Pro is fully compliant with UK market regulations. The Vape Pen Pro Disposable e-cigarette contains 2ml of Dinner Lady E-Liquid which has been registered under TPD regulations and manufactured in the UK.

The Vape Pen Pro has been independently tested and proven to be fully compliant for the UK market.

Is UK Made E-liquid Better for Vaping?

E-liquids made in the UK, like Dinner Lady, are widely regarded as a better choice for vapers.

The regulations which govern the manufacture of E-Liquid in the UK are some of the most stringent in the world and strictly adhered to by Dinner Lady throughout our UK manufacturing process.

It is for this reason that many retailers and consumers prefer to choose UK made E-Liquid over those that are made elsewhere.

What Do I do If I Think There Is a Fault with my Vape Pen Pro?

Dinner Lady work hard to ensure every Vape Pen Pro Disposable performs exactly as intended, providing you with a long-lasting 600 puff superior vaping experience.

If you think there may be a fault with your device please contact our customer services team at and we will help you resolve the issue.