New Luxury Class Tobacco Launched by Vape Dinner Lady

New Luxury Class Tobacco Launched by Vape Dinner Lady

Vape Dinner Lady, the UK’s leading premium quality vape brand, is delighted to announce a new premium range of tobacco flavoured e-liquids, designed to help those looking to switch from cigarettes.

Available in four premium flavours, the new range of Luxury Class Tobacco has been developed to appeal to smokers to help them transition to vaping as a safer alternative 

“Vaping is now helping up to 70,000 people stop smoking.”, says Matthew White Ridley, writing in the Wall Street Journal. 

Vape Dinner Lady has launched this range to provide consumers with an authentic experience which is “95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes” (Public Health England).

With 5.9 million smokers and 3.6 million vapers in the UK the company expects the new Luxury range to be very popular and is available in the following flavours; 

  • Smooth Tobacco – A smooth naturally rounded flavour
  • Café Tobacco – Tobacco with a hint of creamy roasted coffee
  • Mint Tobacco – A blend of light tobacco and notes of eucalyptus
  • Caramel Tobacco – Hints of vanilla crème complete with dark caramel sweet notes

Vape Dinner Lady’s Chief Marketing Officer, John Taylor said, “Luxury Class Tobacco is another great addition which will provide a superior vaping experience. The Dinner Lady brand is famous for its premium e-liquids.  We have recently invested several million pounds in our state-of-the art manufacturing operations in the UK, to ensure we provide consumers with the highest quality products”.

Smooth Tobacco is also available as a flavour in Vape Dinner Lady’ recently launched Disposable Pod device, the UK’s first disposable e-cigarette pre-filled with premium quality Dinner Lady e-liquid.  


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Vape Dinner Lady, is part of the GM Group of Companies  and an award-winning, Blackburn based market-leading, premium vape company, selling high-quality liquids and devices. We have global distribution in over 95 countries. 

In just three years, Vape Dinner Lady has won more than 20 prestigious international awards. The company has invested significantly in state-of-the-art manufacturing and operations to control quality and ensure a superior consumer vaping experience. 

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