The Battle of the Vapes: Pods vs Mods

The Battle of the Vapes: Pods vs Mods

Vape devices have come a long way in size, shape and style with various e-cigarettes now available to choose from. If you’re new to the vaping world and finding things a little overwhelming, we’re here to ditch the jargon and tell you all you need to know about box mods and pod mods.

Box Mods

Box mods are modifiable devices in the shape of a box. Built with sub-ohm vaping in mind, box mods are high-powered, high-wattage devices that produce dense clouds. Since they require more manual work than their pod and e-cig counterparts, box mods are highly popular with experienced vapers who prefer to fine-tune their vaping output.

Offering extensive personalisation elements and countless interchangeable parts, a box mod is more suited to experienced vapers who have an in-depth understanding of the various parts and their purpose. Since their interchangeable parts make them more costly to operate, box mods are best suited to those who are already familiar with the vaping world and are prepared for the associated expense.

On another positive note, box mods are becoming increasingly smaller thanks to technological advances. Slimmer and smaller box mods are now available for enhanced usability and convenience with numerous benefits including leakproof designs and ergonomic shapes.

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Pod Mods

While box mods are only just starting to shrink in size, pod mods have always offered a convenient and comfortable design that’s simple and easy to carry in a pocket, bag or purse without the fear of leaks. Sleek in style and small in size, pod mods have grown increasingly popular over the last few years – and with good reason! Compact and convenient, pod mods offer an easy way to vape, making them more suited to new vapers who are keen to make a quick switch to a less harmful alternative to smoking.

With fewer interchangeable parts, pod mods are perfectly suited to those with an on-the-go lifestyle. Although less powerful than a box mod kit, pod mods provide ample power to handle fuss-free vaping and enable smokers to make the switch. Producing less vapour, pod mods are more discreet and better suited to stealth vaping – something which suits the majority of new vapers.

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Pod Mods or Box Mods

The choice between pod mod or box mod is entirely dependent on personal preference. As a general rule of thumb:

New vapers – pod mods

If you’re new to vaping and aren’t too sure about the right choice, we recommend starting with a disposable e-cigarette or a compact pod mod device. Cheaper to buy and operate, both disposable vapes and pod mod kits are easy and cost-effective to use – especially in comparison to cigarettes.

Experienced vapers – box mods

For existing vapers looking for a device upgrade, a durable box mod kit is the best option thanks to its ample power and modification options. If you’d like a bit more power and personalisation behind your vape, a box mod may just be the right device for you. Just keep in mind that these things come at the price of both practicality and convenience.

And the winner is…

For overall convenience and ease of use, the pod mod is the clear winner. With a growing ability to customise your vape and a sleek, slim design for ergonomic vaping, pod mods offer a simple way to switch to a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

For enhanced personalisation and vaping precision, however, the box mod takes the lead with endless customisation that offers extensive control over your vaping experience. From temperature to wattage, battery power to voltage, box mod kits allow you to optimize your vape in every way, shape and form.


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