Guide To The Stoptober 28-Day Stop

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There are many good reasons to stop smoking: health, money, pregnancy, or many issues such as bad breath, stained fingernails or finding a smoking-friendly space. Whatever your motivation to stop smoking, strong cravings for nicotine, a highly addictive component of tobacco products, can make the urge hard to fight.

Read on to explore our guide to stop smoking for the Stoptober 28 day challenge and find out how can you stop smoking easily and permanently this Stoptober.

Reasons To Give up Smoking

There are many benefits to giving up smoking like a better sense of smell, a better ability to taste food, stain-free fingernails, increased exercise capacity and a good smell of your breath, hair and clothes.

In the long-term, stopping smoking reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and certain types of cancers– lung, mouth, throat, voice box (larynx), bladder, esophagus, and kidney.

Stop Smoking Alternatives

Numerous stop-smoking aids can help smokers. Here are some suggested alternatives for you when you have the urge to smoke.

  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum
  • Nicotine lozenge


What Are The Smoking Triggers?

Smoking triggers are those feelings you get throughout the day that make you want to smoke.

Many people smoke when they have intense emotions. Here are some common smoking triggers:

  • Have coffee, tea or alcohol.
  • Finishing a meal.
  • Driving.
  • Feeling stressed, worried, anxious, bored, or sad.
  • Working or looking for a job.
  • Celebrating or having fun.


How to Handle Your Cigarette Cravings

Cigarette cravings are the symptom you will deal with when you attempt to stop smoking. Here are some activities to take your mind off smoking especially when you have a craving.

  • Take a walk
  • Exercise - can help relieve stress
  • Take a catnap
  • Check some errands off your to-do list
  • Do a little therapeutic home cleaning
  • Take a relaxing shower or soothing bath


What You Can Replace Smoking With

There are many things you can replace smoking with like eating, running, exercise, coffee, and water. These options are not perfect, but they are worth a try to see if they work for you.

Vaping is another alternative, but it still has its side effects and is not a perfect solution to stop smoking. Vaping still contains nicotine which is a harmful and highly addictive substance.

Why Is it so hard to stop smoking?

If you’ve tried to stop before, you know it’s not easy to give up smoking. There are a few reasons why stopping smoking can be hard:

  • Nicotine dependence or addiction
  • Removing a ‘relaxation’ tool
  • Difficulty in letting go of a daily ritual
  • Changing social interactions.


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