What is vaping?

Vaping is the term that is increasingly given to the use of E-Cigarettes, with users being known as Vapers – the term derives from the vapour produced by E-Cigarettes. Vaping is a smokeless and tobacco-free alternative for delivering nicotine to the body which is seen as a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking. Vaping is designed to help manage nicotine cravings - users can step down their nicotine intake at their own pace, as E-Liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths. 


The popularity of vaping has increased dramatically in the UK which means there is an abundance of choice for those looking for an E-Cigarette. It can be overwhelming when trying to find the right device for your needs as everyone has a different situation and preference. Below we show the main types of device: if you smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day, choose from a disposable, pod or pen device; if you smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day choose from our range of box mod devices.


E-Liquid is the key component used for all refillable devices. There are different types of liquids with each having a specific purpose or user in mind. Read below for an overview of the key differences between liquid compositions suited to different devices, available in a range of flavours and nicotine strengths to suit personal preference.

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There are many specific words relating to vaping or devices which you may have heard but not fully understood so check our glossary for a guide to all things vaping.


This is the code to a battery which is very commonly used for a variety of vape devices. 

Automatic /
Air Draw

This is a term given to devices which produce vapour without the need to press a button. 


This is the part of the device which heats up the E-Liquid to produce the vapour. 


This is a device which is shaped in the style of a traditional cigarette. 


The process of taking vapour directly into the lungs, producing larger clouds and is for experienced vapers only.

Dry Burn

This happens when heating the coil when no liquid is in the tank or pod.


Another term for E-Liquid.


Another term for E-Liquid.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)

Describes the process of taking vapour into the mouth and then into the lungs – which is how tobacco smoke is inhaled.

Sub Ohm

The term given to coils which are lower than 0.5 ohm, producing large clouds and delivering more flavour. Often associated with DTL vaping.

Starter Kits

These are typically all in one kits for a new device which contain everything needed to start vaping.

Throat Hit

The feeling of vapour hitting the back of the throat – intended to be similar to the feeling of smoking traditional tobacco products.


A glass tank which contains the E-Liquid on Pen and Box Mod Devices.

Toot / Tooter / Tooting

A slang term for E-Cigarettes and vaping.

USB Charger

A charger which is standard for almost all E-Cigarettes.